Customer-centricity is one of those things that everyone talks about, yet few do well. It got us thinking – 'what exactly gets in the way of large organisations becoming more customer focused?' So we went straight to the source...

Our Customer Obsession seminar will highlight the issues and challenges that the people and organisations we work with every day consider the most important. Ideal for marketing, customer experience, insights, sales and digital people, we’ll discuss how your organisation compares to similar businesses and best practice plus the pragmatic ways that PLCs can make an enduring customer connection.

Customer-centricity has been a must-have mantra for consumer-facing businesses and potentially one of the last sources of competitive advantage. But until now PLCs and conglomerates have missed out or been disappointed by the academic approaches and big price tags of the change management gurus practising in this space.

We believe it's high time that changed.

Our One-Hour Workout is designed specifically to help large and complex organisations to become more customer-obsessed.

In just one hour you will:

  • Wise up – the trends and challenges from our latest research
  • Size up – how your organisation compares to similar organisations and best practice
  • Tool up – gaining practical and pragmatic ways to effect lasting change in your business

Attendees will gain new perspectives on their own business and leave the session with a clear point of view on where to focus to become more customer-centric.

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