Is there value in behaviour-based research in investor relations?

Recently I was fortunate enough to attend the London User Experience Professionals' Association 2014 conference - a grand affair where usability and UX specialists from all aspects of human-centred design meet and learn about this fascinating (and vast) topic.

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GRI G4 implementation: It’s time to act, but how?

So the big reveal came and G4 probably didn’t turn out to be as scary as you thought. The Application levels were dropped, alignment with other reporting standards was improved and greater guidance on how to meet G4 criteria was presented. But that was over a year ago. What now?

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Merger mania

2014 is proving to be a blockbuster year for mergers and acquisitions. According to data gathered by the Financial Times over $1.2 trillion worth of M&A deals were announced by the end of April the highest level of activity since 2007. So, how do we increase the probability of success?

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Knowing your investors and measuring success

Sustainability communications professionals need to improve their understanding of audiences and how they measure the effectiveness of the communications they advocate.

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