The key role of the Project Manager is to deliver projects to the requirements of the client brief, on time, on budget and to the highest quality standards. Project management is the engine of the agency, responsible for balancing the need for exceptional quality with project profitability.

Responsibilities (in a nutshell):

Project planning:

  • Managing triage, including assessing feasibility, risk, team, opportunity, timing, budgets and deliverables before the work starts on any project.
  • Planning and scoping the project and owning the Scope of Work (finalising time and budget). Ensure scoping takes place with the input of all required parties at RY.

Managing the commercials:

  • Delivering the project to the expected profits for RY. Being the face of the project in weekly project status meetings. Also owning financial management in the eyes of the client, proactively providing regular update reports to them.
  • Managing project status throughout the project lifecycle, including leading 40/80 reviews.

Resource management:

  • Working with the Workflow team, and in line with company workflow practices, agree and assign the RY team required to deliver against the brief.

Client management:

  • Developing a crystal clear understanding of client expectations and factoring into planning. Focused on ensuring that the quality of the deliverables meets expectations.


  • Brilliant at building a strong team ethic and personal accountability on projects (including the client as a team member).
  • Keeps on top of the commercials for their projects and works hard to ensure that projects stay on track in terms of time and costs (and regularly updates the ry and client teams on commercial status)
  • Speaks up in meetings and contributes valuable ideas. Takes accurate meeting notes and makes clients confident that you’re adding value.
  • Adheres to industry best practice as well as RY internal delivery processes, documentation, templates and methodologies to ensure a consistent client and internal delivery experience.
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